A little about me

I’m Jade, I’m 21 and I am from the Midlands area of England.

Last year, I paid a massive mistake which has cost me dearly.
(More can be found out about this throughout my blogs-but no more details of that are gonna really be blogged about. In my blogs, I refer to this as ‘My/The Mistake’).

My favourite colour is pink, and I am very much a Girly Girl. I love anything that is princessy and girly. However, there is a different side to me that loves Marvel comics and films. I am a huge fan of Thor and Captain America; not just because the actors are easy on the eye (although that helps!). I also love Batman and The Power Rangers. My favourite animal/s goes back to girly and is a butterfly; and following close behind are zebras, and then going back to being a weirdo and loving spiders.

If I put my mind to it, I can be quite creative. I love drawing, making things, and writing (writing my blog, diary and poems). The poems I write are usually written on this blog. I’ve recently made a Pagan dream catcher for my friend 😀

I love being a child and dressing up, so own quite a lot of fancy dress costumes as I have a lot of fancy dress parties. My favourite one had to be my zebra outfit- which I have worn a few times as just a daytime outfit :-P.

I’m a quiet, and a strange person to understand. If I trust you enough, I would tell you all my deepest secrets and be very open, if I dont trust you (which is a lot of people) my answer to a lot of things is “I don’t know”.

I have a pet dog, Diva;and 1/4 African land snails (mine is called Nimbus Dobby Bob Gary Dumbledore 1st) the others aren’t mine but my 2nd family’s and called Eddy, Speedy and Kibbles. Technically I have 2 more dogs (from my 2nd family) called Trentus Momentus (AKA Trent) and Bellatrix LeStrange (AKA Belle). At my Nans house, I have a parrot called Jack.


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