A downward spiral

I’m spiralling down,
Twisting in dark places,
My life just travels,
Staring at unknown faces

Which face will help me?
I’m not sure who to trust,
One things for sure,
Self help is a must.

I’ll take a walk
Through the fields with my dog,
Things aren’t even clear,
My path is in a deep fog.

Maybe a bath will help,
A space for my worries to sink,
Still I cannot relax,
All I can do is think.

This is getting stupid,
I just need to die,
All anyone says about life,
Is I have to just try.

I’ve tried my very hardest,
But things just keep getting worse
What is there left for me?
Nothing but this verse.

I’m gonna say goodbye now,
I have been defeated
This life just isn’t worth it,
The fight is too heated


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