A weekly update

Well this week hasn’t been so bad.
I’ve spent a lot of time with my friend Louise. It was her Mum’s birthday on the 17th Oct and we did a lot for her. I would say that she is my 2nd Mum, but I actually prefer her to my own Mum.

I didn’t have any money, so my treat to her was a cake. I made a butterfly cake and it came out friggin awesome!! (check out the pic!)

On Tuesday, I had to go to probation, and I was tired. Monday night had been day 9 of no sleep whatsoever and I was basically zombiefied. Well, being so tired, I spent my half hour being really open about everything and she had complimented me about how open I was to her. I felt quite proud, except the thing I really wanted to say, I had forgotten.

Me and my sister are coming up with a new health day thing. Well, it’s only that we go swimming every Wednesday, and that started this week. We then went and had dinner, it was nice.

Thursday was ‘Mummys’ birthday and that was a really nice day too. I also went the doctors, who have changed my antidepressant tablets to ones that help me sleep. But, I missed an appointment with the psychologist, because I was busy. So, I rung up and rearranged the appointment.

But today (friday) once I came home, I got into bed and slept all day. I’m so exhausted from the weeks activities that I slept from around 1pm-8pm and now it’s 10pm, I’m still in bed but planning on sleeping some more.

Have a good week people.
I’m on week 2 of not cutting now 😀 let’s make it week 3!


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