When I did the Emotional Wellbeing Group, we did a section on assertiveness. However, 21 years of letting people walk all over me, its hard to ‘kick the habit’.

Today, I went into a fruit and veg shop for a potato (big enough for a baked potato), some grapes, and 3 oranges (1 a day until Saturday). The woman then said “you can get 5 oranges for £1”.
My head was saying “No don’t, you don’t need 5. Say No”… Then out my mouth came the words “yeah ok”.

Damn! Now I’m stuck with 5 oranges. But that’s not it! It gets better.

She then said, “The pineapples are on offer”. So guess who came out with 5 oranges and a pineapple!

Ok, it’s fruit and not necessarily a bad thing but man I need to learn to say no. Oh, and wait, there’s more. Someone, an old friend, was selling raffle tickets for the British Heart Foundation, a good cause. And I do usually buy things like that for charity, but today, I had paid my phone bill, and running short of money, but again, I couldn’t say no… But that I don’t mind so much considering it’s charity.

Then, my sister asked me to look out for a book for her. I wasn’t going to a boom store and pay full price; I simply can’t afford it, but whilst in Oxfam (another charity shop) I saw the book, so had to buy it as I would have felt awful seeing it, and not buying it.

So, I gotta learn to be assertive and stop people pleasing!! Any tips????


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