My Quest

The last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about my moods, and how I deal with them. I don’t deal with them well, I sit and think about things, and I don’t often distract myself.

My problem was, I got too attached talking the Steph that when I felt bad, I would ring her up to talk. I realised yesterday, I can’t keep doing that; I have to help myself.

I have an appointment on the 25th with Steph and a therapist, Rob. All 3 of us are going to have 4 more appointments where we create a book thing that is going to be my own personalised self help book. After those 4 appointments, I’m gonna have to go into the big wide world alone. Eeek! So really, this quest of mine has come at the right time.

My quest is to plan things each day so that I am not sat at home thinking. If I do get moments where I am thinking, and get down, I am going to do something to help me, either by writing, drawing, cleaning, walking my dog. Anything that is possible to distract my mind. It will get easier once we create this self help book thing.

On Monday, I also had a sleep and relaxation group. And so, I am starting a new routine to help me sleep at night. This includes healthy, balanced meals (no skipping meals-which so far hasn’t happened), some physical activity a day (gonna walk my dog for at least 30mins). No eating after 7pm, or fizzy drinks. And the big one, no napping! I found myself napping in the day because I dont sleep at night and then I end up not sleeping again. Yesterday was the first day of the no napping rule, and damn I felt tired! But I still didn’t sleep well 😦 but it is a new routine, and my body will adjust to it no matter how long it takes!

Yesterday was day 4 of not cutting. I hope to make it day 5.

I shall keep you updated with life 🙂 watch this space!


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