Today, I made an emergency decision to try and talk to Steph. I went to the counselling place, and she was free. I saw her and told her all about the suicidal thoughts, everything.

She suggested a place called Brendan House. You get referred for a 3-night stay, then after that, you can self refer 3 more times in a 6-month period.

It’s a mental health facility, but not like a mental hospital. It’s just like a break in a safe place away from home life. Steph has asked me to consider it but if its a place where I’m gonna be sat for 3 days thinking, I don’t think it would help much. Steph said she’s gonna ring me in a couple days to see how I am, so I can ask her more about it then.

She also has pushed my therapist referral. Unfortunately, I have to have a reassessment, but I now have a date- 7th October.

I just am in such a mess right now. Everything about life sucks and I just can’t see the light anymore.

However, I just had a bath and came up with something I wanna do. At counselling, I was referred to a 9-week group thing. It was really good, but the only problem was I am 21 years old, everyone else was mid-30s and older. I’m not saying they are old, I mean we are meeting for coffee tomorrow, but it would be nice if there was a thing at the same place where under 30s can meet and socialise. I’m also gonna suggest that when Steph rings me in a couple days.


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