Why is it guys only ever want one thing?! One guy I really like, just always makes me feel shit!

J, only ever wants to meet me for one thing and as soon as he knows he ain’t gonna get it, he drives me home.
Tonight, it didn’t even go as far as meeting me. He text to say he was in my area alone, so I replied asking whether he wanted to go a pub or something. He said no, and asked what I fancied and I said anything that doesn’t involve sex. After a few texts back and forth, he said “I’m going home then… I want it and you don’t so it’s pointless, I’m just going home”

I’m so crushed. He always does this, and I always fucking reply. I’m such a dick! I’ve told him I want more and I like him, and he had said he likes me but isn’t ready for a relationship.

My heart says chase him, and my head is telling me to give him the finger and tell him to do one!

Now my mood has dropped by a zillion and I’m questioning the point of my life, yet again! 😦


2 thoughts on “Guys

  1. That doesn’t sound too good 😦 Maybe you should have some space from him and see what he actually wants? To save you getting hurt?
    I hope you manage to work something out 😦

  2. it’s written in their DNA. IT’s really the whole reason for their existence… fight with other males, be really tough and agressive, and boink as many females as possible. Females are the nurturing ones. We need that in OUR DNA in order to care for children. Blame mother nature. 😉 oh yeah, and kick that loser to the gutter!

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