Creature Comforts 2

So, I’ve become a bit of an animal rescuer! Someone had 100s of baby african land snails, as as you know I got 4 of them. Now, I have rescued a hedgehog.

He was on the edge of the pavement, by a main road, being eyed up by cats. I got my friends jacket, picked him up and took him home (well, my friends home aka 2nd home). We have put him in a box with towels and in a dark, warm area; given him water and mealworms.

It’s worrying, I’m sure he should be hibernating but he wasn’t moving on the pavement. My friend has phoned RSPCA, and they weren’t helpful. The RSPCA said to take him to our nearest vet, which we physically can’t do, nevermind the fact the closest ones are closed.

If anyone has any idea of what we could do, please let us know.

I’ve named him Spike. I know I shouldn’t name him as I’ll have to give him up, but he’s cute, and animals should have names.


2 thoughts on “Creature Comforts 2

  1. Hi! I would suggest finding out if there are any wildlife rehabilitators around your area. From what I have read about people taking in sick and injured wildlife in the US, it’s not legal to care for or keep them without a license. Hope this helps!

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