The Doctor

I went to the Doctors today and saw a different doctor; one I finally like. The woman I first saw about everything was nice, but on maternity leave, the second one wasn’t very concerned at the fact I can go several nights without sleep, and refused to give me more than one prescription of sleeping tablets. I wouldn’t mind if I took them every night but after 3/4 sleepless nights, my low mood doubles and that’s when I usually feel worse- and that doctor didn’t listen to me. The next doctor I saw understood the sleep issue, but he also really told me off for saying I sometimes fall asleep in the day time if I’m exhausted.

The Doctor I saw today was lovely. I told her I’ve been worse and don’t think the antidepressants I’m on are working, I asked to up the dosage or try another, but she explained she really didn’t wanna do that because side affects will present themselves more if I up the dosage, and coming off one medication and going to another after so many weeks could just make me worse. So, we’re just gonna sit it out and wait to see if there is gonna be any difference. I explained the sleep issue, and got more sleeping tablets, and she also told me to ring counselling and see if I can still see Steph until my therapist referral goes through, which I did.

I think I like this doctor, she actually listens, gives advise and will say no if she needs to. I was starting to worry that I was gonna run out of Doctors in the practice because I’m very picky with who I like to talk to.


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