Creature Comforts

My Dad is really mean about keeping pets. If I had my way, I’d have loads of rescue dogs, turtle, rabbits, fish… I’d have loads. But he won’t let me get anything. We have a family dog, Diva and she lives up to her name, but she is all we have.

When I was younger, me and my sister had 2 rabbits, Thumper and Lightening; A hamster called Kevin; and 2 dogs, Jed and Prince (although I don’t remember Jed as he was apparently too playful and us too little), Prince lasted until about 15/16 years old and we had to put him down when I was about 18.

I also once won 2 fairground fish. I think its horrible to keep fish in a bag until someone wins them, so I tried my hardest but only managed to save 2. U fortunately, they both died within a week 😦

My Mum also had 2 chickens. I hate chickens now… They’re evil! Diva got one, and the other ran for her life.

So they’re all our family pets, and my dad won’t allow us to get anything else.

However, I have a second family. An adoptive family without all the legalities. Basically, I stay there whenever I want, and last weekend they refused to let me go home alone because I was suicidal. I actually get hugs there which is nice. Its so loving.

So technically I have 2 more dogs, Trent and Belle 😀 and we have just got baby African land snails!! There’s 4 in total. One for my friend, her younger sister and brother and one is mine! They are named, Eddy, Speedy, Nimbus and Bob (They are too little to officially have names, but when they are bigger we shall name them. Mine is Bob)

They are just so cute right now!


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