Sunshine And Flying Clothes

If y’all as lucky as I am, the weekend was sunny and warm.. Ok, I didn’t enjoy it, covering ny cuts up in weather like this is torture. But the sun makes me happy, and so I just put up with it as best as I could.

Then just chilling in my room, as a chance to take cardigan off for a bit, I was relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. I then heard my Mum come home from my Nans and yet again she was drunk and moody. She started yelling at my Dad, I could hear things being thrown and smashed.
I needed the toilet but my brother was in the shower, so i had no choice but to go to the downstairs toilet. I came out of the toilet, and had the stairs blocked by my Mum stopping my Dad from going up. So, I had to endure all of this now from the living room.
I quietly asked my sister what happened, and now you’ll learn how pathetic my Mum gets when she’s drank. My Mum was making my Dads sandwiches for work the next day, he just said “there’s too much branston pickle on that one, can you scrape some off for the other one?” She then threw the knife and it all started. She threw all my Dads heart and diabetes medicine in the bin and wished him to have a heart attack. Then told him to leave. He wouldn’t, so she called my Grandad and the police to get him out.

My grandad couldn’t calm her down, and the police came and she suggested my Mum goes to my grandads for a couple hours, have a cuppa and chill. They said the way she was in it would be her being arrested, not my Dad. Well, she didn’t leave but my dad did. She threw his work clothes out, and I got them in and said she was being childish, then she threw them out again. My Dad later came home, they both started chucking clothes out the bedroom window. Then my Dad came downstairs and she blamed him for hiding her phone. She slapped him, walked past me and slapped me. Unplugged the fan, and chucked that across the room, and went to bed. My brother is special needs, he was crying his eyes out and she didn’t care. I wanted to just go, but couldn’t leave him.

And I wonder why I’m depressed?


2 thoughts on “Sunshine And Flying Clothes

  1. Hello,

    Sorry, I just start reading your blog… Maybe you already gave the answer.

    Why do not your parents try to separate ?


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