Letting off steam

Ok, so my doctor gave me an antidepressant called Fluoxetine. I originally went for something to help me sleep, and I personally feel that being able to sleep will help my mood. But I got an antidepressant instead. She did say when you take them for the first couple of weeks, I may become agitated. Well, I took one tonight for the first time, and my mind is in overdrive, and getting frustrated / agitated.

It’s 1.10am, and I’ve become really fidgety. BINGO! I’m agitated. I can’t get comfortable, I feel itchy and my sister’s breathing is irritating me!

This is gonna make my sleep much worse! I’ve been tearful all day but now I feel lime I was cry and/or scream my head off!

Then I thought, well I can take these morning or night, if it’s gonna make me this agitated at night, I’ll take them in the mornings. Then I thought, can I do that tomorrow (well today) since I’ve taken it tonight.. Will is cause an overdose, is there any specific waiting time before taking more. There’s no leaflet, just says 1 a day on box. Then I thought “fuck it! If I OD then I’ll be much better off anyway. I’ll take the lot”

I know they take time to properly work, but the agitation and frustration, and risk of suicidal behaviour which you may experience in the first couple weeks, is already getting to me!! And actually, so is the nausea.

Whys it so hard to just go to the doctor, say “I want sleeping pills” and be given sleeping pills! I want to bloody sleep!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Letting off steam

  1. It takes a good psych doc to give you sleeping aids as well, I’m on a mood stabilizer that helps me sleep but I also have xanax and valium for my anxiety, and it’s refreshing to have a doctor not treat me like a crack head for taking them. It takes at least two weeks for this particular med to have any positive effect, and by one a day it means take it the same time every day, so every 24 hours effectively. I hope it settles for you soon, I have been on this one branded as prozac and it didn’t work out for me, but it does for many others out there.

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