Another Day Of Feeling Down

Life just sucks big time right now. Especially the last week, and even more so yesterday, and now this morning.

Yesterday, I couldn’t go counselling because Steph was ill. Yesterday I needed to go big time and I hope Steph is in today and able to call me to rearrange and hopefully make it asap.
I would ring myself, but I dont want to sound like a bother or anything. This is where I wish I could tell my mum everything, and have her phone up for me.

I had an incredible 30-40 mins sleep last night! In that short time, I had this dream where I was in the centre of a circle of people, and these people were throwing books ar me, one hit me in the head and that’s when I woke up.

I’m tired and really emotional today. I feel like cutting even more than yesterday. I’m just so fed up of life now.


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