Another One About Sleep

I posted the other day about sleeping well, and it was just a fluke. Since the good nights sleep on Tuesday, I haven’t slept much at all.

Last night I took 6, over-the-counter sleeping pills; you’re only meant to take 2. I didn’t do it to OD or anything, I did it to sleep. But it didn’t work.

Tonight, I will try guided meditation, suggested by someone on here.

I have a friend in Canada, who is 5 hours behind me. Yesterday at 9am UK time, 4am her time, she posted on Facebook something she had spent the night painting. I asked jokingly if she ever slept and she replied “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Unknowingly, she has triggered me into thinking that maybe that’s the only way I will sleep and will be at peace.

I hope the meditation works because if it doesn’t, I’m not sure what I will end up doing.


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