I Partied Hard

So, I decided to go to the party last night. As some of you know, I felt anxious, but after a comment on here, I decided to go, and come back if I needed to. The venue is only a 10 minute walk away (bit more in killer heals).
Walking to the venue, some guys started singing “hey sexy lady” from Gangnam Style. I blushed and being ever so critical, ignored them because I just assume they’re taking the p*ss.

The party wasn’t so awkward, I got blatantly ignored by a couple of people. But, a friend kept pouring me wine, and to put it frankly, I was hammered, but I had fun dancing away!

My lovely Grandad walked me home and it was at home, I ended up being sick and passing out- oh the joys!!! And woke up with a nice hangover.

So, just remember things are never as bad as it seems!


3 thoughts on “I Partied Hard

  1. Well done you for going! If you have a journal or positives book, write that in with a big ten out of ten for effort- it’s what I did with my cousin’s party.

      • I have my private journal where I write whatever is in my head, and I have another journal which I put what I’ve done each day in, and I give myself scores out of ten. I’ll probably post about it later. My auntie was in hospital with her depression twice, and writing a similar journal helped her. I fill it with positive things, and even if I don’t manage to do the task I set myself, I still give myself a score for trying. If you want to, give it a go. 🙂

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