24th May Continued

Sorry, WordPress on my phone has a character limit, and U couldn’t write anymore.

Yes so anyway; how dare anyone say I could hurt my brother? So I have to fight for my name. I have to stand up and argue that what I did and said has nothing to do with anything, I’m being punished for what I’ve done, which is tell a lie, but I’ve never physically hurt someone.

Easier said than done, but it gave me a little boost. She also said she would give me a character reference if needed.

My Mum has a meeting with this social worker on Tuesday and it may just be a few questions to see what my Mum thinks. I’m a bit worried. I dont know if the woman has been told about the self harm or suicide attempts, but if she has I hope to god it’s not brought up with my Mum. I’ll keep y’all posted.

After the cry, and emergency counselling session, I text a friend, Grace, to see if she wanted to go out for a drink or 2, just to keep me busy tonight. Then I went to work.
This evening, I met with Grace, we talked, and it was nice. I’m home now, and off to bed. Hopefully I’ll sleep but with everything how it is, I’m not sure I will be able to switch off.

Goodnight Bloggers x


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