It will be okay… Or will it?

I just read something which has made me think a lot about things, so I’m just gonna throw my thoughts into this blog, literally throw them; if it doesn’t make sense, you’ve already been warned 😉

When someone you care about is going through a tough time, the most common responses are:
• It will get better (which it will 99% of the time)
•There are worse things going on in the world (which there are)
But is this what people want to hear? I mean when you are going through a bad time, no matter your negative thoughts, deep down you already know them above things. Do you really need to be told? Okay, a reminder is nice I suppose.
Wouldn’t it be better to just say “okay, things are sh*t right now and it’s going to hurt like hell. You’re going to be pushed to your limits and you’re going to question whether you can even cope anymore. But I’m always here whenever you need me and I will be here for you until, and after it does get better”

I really hate the 2 most common things. I want to be told the truth, that it’s gonna almost kill me to stay alive, but also that I have someone there with me.

Most of what people think is comforting is just bullsh*t. But hey! Name something that doesn’t slightly whiff of it a bit??


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