I need to sleep!

I’m tired, really exhausted and I just need to sleep!
Sleep is very rare for me at the moment, but every few days I will just have a decent nights sleep through exhaustion. But I haven’t slept in over a week now.
One reason being it has been quite warm at night, and I can’t sleep when I’m warm. But I share a room with my sister and she refuses to open the window at night and I can’t sleep being so warm.
Today is the hottest day so far, and I’m hot even with the window open. I’ve just tried making a stand by keeping it open. But my sister has just played stupid Nicki minaj to piss me off… Well it’s worked I almost cried. And now she has just shut the window again!! Why do I always have to suffer!
I really need sleep!!!!!!!!


One thought on “I need to sleep!

  1. Oh my god do I relate…I CANNOT sleep when I’m hot. And I get hot crazy fast. I spend most nights with my feet hanging out from under the blankets to prevent them feeling like they’re on fire.

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