I met up 2 friends today, that I hadn’t seen since my birthday in January. (I apologize for any mistakes, I’ve had a bottle of wine- bit I’m using my pho e and it has autocorrect).

We had a good night, was a real laugh, me and Grace talked about time at school and Elizabeth joined in. I even talked to them about the self harm and counselling, and they were fine about it which was good.

So, I got home, watched some telly and thought it best I go to bed. My sister followed me up.
Whilst she was getting ready she asked if I was doing anything on Thursday, I said no. Then, she started to kick off like,
“omg you always get a day to yourself. I do t. I’m always stuck with someone” (basically stuff along those lines). I was like woah, I can’t help of I’m not doing anything. She’s really yelling and I think “hold om, I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m just saying that I have nothing planned on Thursday.” I don’t understand her problem.

I was really worried about tonight, wondering whether they would ask anything etc, but it was a good night, then I come home to bed and my sister has a go at me. I think I’ve said it before but why can’t I just have a good day/night. Why does something always have to happen?????



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