I feel good

Despite feeling mega down last night, and waking up feeling down, today has been good.

A couple weeks ago, I started a diet but last week I messed up and so decided to start again today.
Usually I only eat if I’m hungry and mostly snack on junk. And last time doing this diet, I was starving! In this diet, you are given a daily calorie limit but fruit and vegetables don’t add on the total; meaning you can eat as much as you like (which I forgot about last time).
So, today I ate a banana, apple, a pot of mandarins in grape juice, a fun size chocolate bar, a baked potato with ham, lettuce, cucumber and onion. So a lot of healthy stuff, and not including the fruit and veg, but including drinks, I’ve had 330 calories out of my 400 limit (not inc 2 mentos I just ate)

Also, Steph asked me to do a thought diary. Like as well as my blog, I write a journal, but she asked for as shortened one which just concentrates on what’s happened and my thoughts about that rather than a long essay. I wrote on the 19th, and tonight I wrote about last night, and I noticed and realised that although I’ve wanted to cut, I haven’t and so that’s a huge positive! I just wish the thoughts would go so I wouldn’t get down anyway 🙂

All in all it’s been a good day.


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