Today was nice

My local hospital is in administration, has been under scrutiny, and is under threat of shutting down; even though it is in the top 20 hospitals in UK!

Today, our town did a march to help the cause. An estimated 20,000 people turned up. My Dad had planned to go, but I hadn’t because I had no one to go with. Anyway, my Dad asked I could go with him. At first, I said no. My Dad and I hardly ever get on, so I thought it could be the worst idea ever!
I then changed my mind and thought it can’t be too bad, and went with my Dad to the march.
It was quite fun to be honest, just very hot.
There was even a robot! 😉

My Dad can be human occasionally.


6 thoughts on “Today was nice

    • Steph, my counsellor, says that. she says I am in a powerful situation to help others in this blog; and that I should join a writing group. But meh… I don’t think I’m that good

      • You are very good!!! I never thought I was very good either, but when I was fourteen I just started writing stories and now I’m 19 and I can’t stop. they are a great way to be creative and get feelings out. They make my world so much brighter. a plus is that you can make funny characters out of people who bug you. =)

      • I’m thinking of writing a book, A fictional one but based on facts, about someones journey through suicide and self harm and everything that goes with it, but i have no idea where to start. My english teacher at school didnt have much hope for me to do anything englishy

  1. That’s a great idea! I would read it! =) The book I have been working on for a while now is about something similar. It’s kind of like a journal for me, except that I put myself in a different setting, and with different characters, but one’s that mirror real people I know. you should just start with what you like. what kind of stories do you like to read or watch? It’s really fun! to kind of transport yourself into another world! =) and…from my experience…english teachers don’t know everything =)

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