Feels good to arrange things

So, I thought I would arrange to meet with a few friends.
The background:
Elizabeth- our Grandparents are BFFs and we (me and my sister and Elizabeth) met at 6/7 years old. We are the same age but she lives about 45 minute drive away.
Grace- we met at age 13 at school, became best friends and both used to self harm (although I still do). She came on holiday with us when we were 14, and it was there she also met E.
Alison- was friends with G and we went same school. I didn’t really get to know A until I was 15.

We were all part of a group of friends at school, but when we left, us 5 stuck together. My sister, I’ll call Jane.
Jane and Elizabeth went college together, and so did me and Grace. But it was after college things went downhill. E,G and A hung out a lot and we kind of drifted apart. I kept arguing with them, and I thought I’d lost them. In October last year, we met up discussed things and it got sorted. Jane still has issues with E but we’re all talking etc.

I haven’t seen them since my birthday, which was January 11th. This morning I woke up down again, and thought about them. I decided to text them to see if they wanted to go on a night out. G suggested a meal so we can actually talk and hear each other. I’m still waiting to hear off A but she’s at work.

It cheered me up a bit to be arranging meeting them all. It will give me something to look forward to.

I’m even thinking about talking to G about the self harm and depression. My closest friend who knows is over an hour away and I need support that’s close to me. But after our fall out I’m a bit unsure whether to do it or not


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