Take the Path of Love

Isn’t it weird that if for us to understand an emotion, it needs a name? I mean think about it, if someone said “explain love”, you would know what to say, you would explain the feeling you get when you love someone, be it family or a partner. But imagine not knowing love, if lovr didn’t have a name, or you hadn’t felt it, would you know you were in love? I think if someone were to come to me and say “Hey, when I’m with you, I get a funny feeling in my tummy” I would assume I made them feel sick, this being quite offended.

So love has a path, and I would say a one way path. I don’t think if you truly loved someone, you could un-love them.

First you have to be loved. If you are loved by someone, you know what it feels like, you feel safe and happy. You have that good feeling when you are loved by someone.
Only when you have felt and experienced someone love you, can you do it yourself. You then know how good you felt and can share that goodness onto someone else.

Then, you find someone who isn’t family, who loves you, and you love them and 2 souls become one.

It’s one thing to be loved, and it’s another to love someone; but for a 2 people to love each other, that’s magical. So why are homosexuals hated against? It’s just 2 people in love, why is that wrong?

Then we move on to my own personal feelings. How does one cope if they haven’t felt loved by the people they should? There parents? You know love it out there, you hear people talk about it, but you don’t receive it. And I’m not even sure I know what it feels like to love. What do you do? You search for it, and if you think you’ve found it, you try and keep it. That’s what I did, and it got me in trouble. I crave to be loved, it doesn’t excuse anything, it just gives a reason.
I’ll find it again one day, someone will love me like C did. It wasn’t a ‘lovers relationship’ type of love, but she was like my Mum for a short while, and that is why I miss her so much.


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