I’m sick again.. Help?!

Ok, on Sunday night/monday morning, I woke up, wasn’t very well (lets say an iffy tummy) and feeling nauseous. I got back into bed, looked at the time, it was 4.40am. I got huge cramps in my lower tummy- same place as period cramp but 5x pain. I went to the toilet a second time. I finished off, got into bed shivering cold but head feels like it has a temperature.

Tonight, I wake up, go the toilet with the exact same thing. Come back to bed, it’s 4.50am. I cramp, go back to toilet. The symptoms are exactly the same, and it’s weird it’s at the same time!

Each time after the second, I get into bed, cold but feel warm to the touch, but my cramps slowly go and I feel hungry.

Anyone know what this could be?

PS. Sorry for being so open and not quite nice.


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