What a joke

I apologise in advance for the language used in this.

The court case has been adjourned again!! It’s really fucking me off now! I mean if I had any chance of getting this job, the start date was May. The case has been adjourned until the 8th of May! That’s the second time this has been put off!! I was meant to go the end of last month, it got adjourned until this Thurs, now it has been adjourned again!

I think this is going to prevent me from getting the job now!!! I want to get my life fucking sorted and I can’t!

I give up I really do!! I don’t want to do this anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If C could see me now, I bet she’d be laughing that my life is fucking up! I know I upset you, but there was no way what I did was a personal attack, but I suppose you’re not happy unless someone is suffering. What I did was horrible, yes, but this punishment is way out of the line!
Why do I even care so much about your life still? You don’t care about mine,, you wouldn’t give 2 shits if I even killed myself because of what you are doing.

Everything can just fuck off now!


3 thoughts on “What a joke

  1. don’t worry about the language, we all have to vent loudly and profanely sometimes! better out than in! 😉 hang in there, the time will come and be gone in a flash. And sooner than you think, this will all be a distant memory.

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