Old Conversations

I’m an idiot!

I started to go through old conversations between me and C. I’m accepting that C and I will never speak again, I know that, don’t like it but I can’t do anything to change it.

And now I’ve read through some of our emails and I miss her so much.
I wish I could email her again, or ring her. Hear her voice and cry. Oh I messed up big time.



2 thoughts on “Old Conversations

  1. You need to do what I did……and trust me this was the hardest thing I had to do……I deleted all the pictures,emails,voicemails, notes she left on my desk at work……I had to……if I kept looking at her pictures or reading our emails……I would just go crazy……I knew even before I told anybody that I had depression that it was a smart move to make…..take away anything that reminds you of that person.
    I still think of her day and night……I was just going to send her a text two mins before writing this to you…..but I didn’t….and every day I don’t is a milestone for me……I’m still so deeply in love with her……that I just can’t bare to even talk to her now and here things I don’t want answers to…….know what I mean??
    You are going to be fine…..I promise!!

    • Yeah it’s complicated really, I thought I had deleted them, but I hadn’t obviously deleted them all.

      How about you write down what you want to say to her, and destroy it. At least that way, you may be getting it out of your system

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