Just an average day

Today has been better, an average sort of day.

I woke up still feeling down, but as the day went on, my mood lifted. I thought it would be bad, seeing as my dad is off work for Easter weekend. But he hasn’t been in a bad mood today, maybe it’s work that makes him so angry?? Still, I’ve given up trying to please him or make a relationship with him, after all these years, I can’t. He is my Dad, and I can never please him, or get any affection from him. If he loves me, he has a funny way of showing it.

Back to today, yes it’s been an average day; mostly been in an ok mood, but I did have a couple of down moments. In those down moments, I picked myself up/ distracted myself. You may ask why I don’t do that all the time, well I do most of the time, but sometimes it is hard to concentrate on other things, especially when I’m at my lowest.

I seem to get down at night, I don’t know if that’s just tiredness creeping in or just a random pattern. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I shall be off to sleep shortly. I hope you all have a good night/day, whatever time it is for you. And most importantly, have a good Easter! Xx


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