Feeling low again

Well the last couple nights, I have slept pretty well. Saturday night was probably due to taking sleeping tablets, but last night I got 6 hours! 🙂

However, I’ve woken up feeling pretty low. I don’t feel like harming, yet, I just feel the need to cry, and if I had the house to myself, it’s probably something I would do. It’s one of those days where I would benefit from being at counselling for an hour, in a place I can be emotionally free.

About counselling, after my session on Thursday, Steph is away until 15th April. I will probably need her very first appointment because I have no idea how I’m going to cope. I’m scared, I’m not great on my own. Maybe it’s this that’s getting me slightly down.


2 thoughts on “Feeling low again

  1. Stay strong – I know I have grown accustom to the need for counselling myself. Write when you feel down, reach out where you can.

    You can also find depression chat rooms if you search for them – they aren’t much of a help as they are run by non-professionals, but it can feel good to let out your pain.

    Be well…

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