Secondary care

So Steph, my counsellor, asked if I would be interested in secondary care. It’s only because my thoughts are scary to me and there is only so much help she can give me. At first I hated this idea, it panicked me with thoughts of ending up in hospital or something.

All through this, all I think about is having my family find out everything. That would be devastating for me.

I text my amazing friend and her reply was,

Yea you need to be really open and as for secondary care maybe that will make your family sit up and realise that you have got a problem

And since that text, I have become more thoughtful about it.
If my family know, the worse that could happen is they just treat me how they do now, maybe worse. But the best that could happen is they actually realise I’m breaking inside, and I’d get that hug from my mum that I have craved for years, that they could help me.

Maybe I just have to brave it out, I mean the worst that could happen isn’t much worse than what I’m going through right now.

I just want a mum that will hug me and tell me everything is gonna be ok.


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