I must be overweight with all I eat!

I try not to swear, but sorry for any bad language, I am extremely angry.

Lately my appetite isn’t huge, and I find myself snacking rather than eating meals. Even then, the snacking is usually little (and healthy mostly).

I just went downstairs and craved a quaver sandwich, and so had one. I went into the living room with buttered bread and a packet of quavers (from a multipack). My Dad instantly said “oh she’s found the quavers then. They will soon be gone” to which I replied I hadn’t seen them until my brother had a packet when he got home from school. Then I had a glass of pop, and again “you’ve gone through a lot of that today”, which I then mentioned that it was my 2nd drink all day. Then, he said “I’m going to get a chocolate before Jade eats them all”!!!!!!!!! Really?! I’m out of work, but that does not mean I sit around eating every fucking thing that’s in the house! My appetite is low, do they not notice each Sunday during Sunday lunch that I can only eat about as much as a child eats?!

Fuck him! I am not going to eat anything unless I buy it myself (with the little money I do have). That way he can’t friggin’ moan!!!!!!!!!!!!

He makes me want to cut 90% of the time! I wish I could move out but I can’t. Everyone asks ‘why me?’ but honestly, why does he always pick on me?


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